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121th Canton Fair, AIKE Is Ready! Welcome Your Visiting!

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Zhejiang Aike Appliance Co., Ltd, will attend the 121th China Export Commodities Fair(Canton Fair) hold in Pazhou International Exhibition center during Apr.15th to 20th 2017 at booth No# 10.1 (I01-02). Our popular hand dryer series, including Duel-jet series, Simplistic stainless steel series, ABS elegant series and latest achievement MINI colorful SS series, will be displayed at site.


Significance of Exhibition


AIKE always put a premium on every exhibition event like Canton Fair which bring together not only the most professional purchasers who are better aware of the regional marketing segments and end customers but also the most powerful competitors of same industries who master the newest technologies and innovations. Companies who seek continuous improvements and catch up international standards with its own R&D team always take full advantages of this opportunity by exchanging ideas and taking instinct comparison with their counterparts on both products and systematic management.


AIKE ranges in this class by virtue of its 24 years dedication on hand dryer technique study and large-scale manufacture. The company has witnessed the updating standards, from the initial sanitary requirements to currently environment-friendly merits, in the past decades. It responded to these dynamic outside demands by optimizing inside combination and upgrading critical parts like motor and circuit board to keep the brand in leading position. These demand-related hand dryer products become popular and outstanding among the sanitary industry and export to many overseas countries.


Our Advantage


As a specialized hand dryer manufacturer founded in early 1994, AIKE develops strong customer base across the world and maintains close partnership with many well-known company. This network enable research persons to build awareness and grow knowledge of regional diversities and individual demand for different target groups.


Progress made from dedication. Rather than expanding horizontally by touch many fields, AIKE has always been focus on hand dryers improvement, like extending life span of motor, downsizing the exterior shell, upgrading the sensor. Therefore, AIKE made its products in many styles within wide price ranges to fit into regions and groups. It is better master one than engage ten.


Our Products


AIKE hand dryer products are generally fall into below 4 catalogues according to its performance:

Dual jet series:  AK2006H, AK2030, AK2070

    Features: 24,000 brushless motor, intelligent LED display, double jets to dry both sides of hand

Simplistic stainless steel series: AK2800, AK2800L, AK2800A, AK2801, AK2900, AK2901,AK2803

    Features: 304# stainless steel uni-body shell, energy-saving pattern, customized air speed

ABS elegant series: AK2630, AK2630T, AK2631, AK2632

    Features: ABS exterior shell, adjustable sensing distance, automatic heating system

MINI colorful SS series: AK2805, AK2806, AK2807

    Features: colorful stainless steel exterior shell, compact size, strong airflow and low noise


Our focus


Hand dryers are now widely available in many public restrooms and touted as the environmentally friendly alternatives of paper towel. But there is still a long way to realize a hand dryer as a same daily family device as a kettle considering its cost, large size and non-efficiency.


AIKE is engaged in searching improvements to make it a family common electronic by downsizing the exterior shell, lowering the noise level, controlling manufacture cost and maintain strong airflow unaffected in downsizing.


Thus, we achieved and recommend our latest item AK2807. And we are still on the way... 




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