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AIKE Clean Hand Technology


hand washing

Since 1992, AIKE has been committing to one-stop hand cleaning for hand washing, hand drying, and disinfection, providing users with a full range of hands-free experience.

Hands Washing


Use an automatic soap dispenser to wash hands  

Hands Drying


Use a high speed hand dryer to dry your hands  

Hands Disinfection


Use a contact-less alcohol dispenser for disinfection  

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Suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises with some experience in the industry


Suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises that also focus on hand hygiene, cleaning industry; needs its exclusive design

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Suitable for small businesses in its early stage


why should other bathrooms in the food factory have automatic soap dispensers and hand dryers?
May 07, 2022

why should other bathrooms in the food factory have automatic soap dispensers and hand dryers? Food hygiene and safety is related to consumers' health, life safety and even social and economic operation. As a food production enterprise, it is particularly important to do a good job in food hygiene m

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Classification of automatic induction hand dryers Classification and purchase price of hand dryers
November 26, 2022

After washing hands, put your hands under the air outlet of the automatic induction high-speed dryer, the automatic dryer will automatically send out high pressure warm air, quickly dry your hands, and automatically stop working when your hands leave the air outlet of the dryer, so as to meet the sanitary requirements of rapid hand drying and preventing bacterial cross infection. It is very intelligent and convenient. So do you know what are the weak points of dry hands? How to choose a suitable hand dryer?

What is the working principle of the automatic soap dispenser? What are the characteristics of the soap dispenser
November 17, 2022

With the rapid development of science and technology, there are more and more intelligent products in our life, and the automatic soap dispenser is one of them. The automatic soap dispenser is mainly used to automatically sense human hands based on the infrared induction principle, and then send a signal to drive the motor to drive the reducer to rotate, and push the piston through the connecting rod of the reducer to extrude the soap. The features of the automatic soap dispenser mainly include automatic foaming, wide application range, exquisite and compact shape design, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc. Now let's learn about the working principle of the automatic soap dispenser.

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