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why should other bathrooms in the food factory have automatic soap dispensers and hand dryers?

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why should other bathrooms in the food factory have automatic soap dispensers and hand dryers?

Food hygiene and safety is related to consumers' health, life safety and even social and economic operation. As a food production enterprise, it is particularly important to do a good job in food hygiene management. Among them, the provision of hand-washing and disinfection facilities for employees is an essential basic operation.

According to the survey, Staphylococcus aureus and intestinal bacteria are mainly related to food hygiene on the contaminated hands of food production personnel, accounting for more than 40% and 50% respectively. The importance of hand disinfection facilities is evident.


Aike's touch-free hand-washing technology products are favored by food factories

The hand washing and disinfection facilities in the clean workshop of a food factory generally include automatic induction soap dispensers, hand dryers, and hand sanitizers, which are convenient for employees to wash hands, dry hands and disinfect hands in sequence without contact, so as to ensure that hands are clean and do not contaminate food.

In the purchase of hand-washing and disinfection facilities, Ike has become the unanimous choice of major food companies. According to incomplete statistics, Aike automatic induction soap dispensers, hand dryers, and sterilizers are widely used in well-known food companies such as Hollyland (Shenyang) Food Technology Co., Ltd., Longda Foods, Want Want Foods, Mengniu Modern Ranch, Shuanghui, etc. .


The reason why it can be favored by big-name food companies comes from Ike's strong own strength. As a national high-tech enterprise, Aike has completely independent R&D and production capacity, excellent product quality, and has obtained many international and domestic certifications such as CCC/CE/CB. Its partners are located in more than 130 countries and regions around the world.

It is very important to create a hand-washing area and a hand-drying area in the ordinary bathroom of the food factory

The establishment of hand-cleaning areas provides strong support for food production hygiene. However, if the supervision is not good, or the employees are not careful to disinfect their hands, it will also lead to the contamination of food.

To this end, the correct way for enterprises is to implement employee hand hygiene into daily work scenarios. In addition to clean workshops, bathrooms in canteens, office buildings and other places are also equipped with Aike automatic soap dispensers, hand dryers and other contact-free hand washing technology products.


This measure is to help improve the hand hygiene level of the overall staff, and the second is to help employees develop good hand hygiene habits, so as to promote employees to better perform hand hygiene such as hand washing, drying, and disinfection in the hand hygiene area of the clean workshop. Provide protection for food hygiene and safety.

Ike hand washing area and drying area help food hygiene and safety

Food factories use Aike's touch-free automatic induction soap dispensers, hand dryers, and hand sanitizers to create a hand-washing area and a hand-drying area. There are many advantages:

① Avoid queuing up for employees to wash their hands and improve their enthusiasm for washing hands;

② 10 seconds to dry hands quickly, improve the efficiency of employees' hand washing, and save time for the production of enterprises;

③ Reduce the consumption of paper towels, keep the bathroom clean and beautiful, and reduce maintenance;

④ Contact-free is more hygienic and can better ensure the hygiene of food production.

In short, the emphasis on hand hygiene has been greatly increased at the social level, and the creation of Ike handwashing area and hand drying area has become a common measure in public toilets. Food factories with stricter hygiene requirements set up handwashing areas and drying areas in ordinary toilets. will be the trend.




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