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Classification of automatic induction hand dryers Classification and purchase price of hand dryers

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Classification of automatic induction hand dryers Classification and purchase price of hand dryers

With the continuous improvement of people's health requirements, there has been a certain demand for hand dryers. Now many public places and even families have the need to use a thousand handed instrument.

1、 What is a thousand handed instrument?

The hand dryer, a kind of inductive hand dryer for bathroom, is an advanced and ideal sanitary ware and equipment in modern times.

The Thousand Hand Instrument is widely used in the restrooms of hotels, restaurants, entertainment, hospitals, units, schools and other public places. It can bring clean, hygienic, safe and pollution free effects, especially to prevent cross infection of diseases and bacteria. The new hand dryer changes this situation. It can not only blow (dry) dry and wet hands, but also blow hair like an electric hair dryer.

After washing your hands, put your hands under the air outlet of the automatic hand dryer. The automatic hand dryer will automatically send out comfortable warm air, quickly dehumidify your hands and dry them. When you leave the air outlet of the automatic hand dryer, it will automatically stop the wind and shut down. It can meet the requirements of not drying hands with towels and preventing cross infection of diseases.

2、 Hand dryer classification

1. Hand dryers are divided into electric wire type and PTC type according to the heating principle;

2. According to the induction principle, it can be divided into electromagnetic induction, infrared: induction and manual scar mode;

3. According to the form of thousands of hands, it can be divided into air volume type supplemented by main heat and hot air type dominated by heat;

4. Hand dryers can also be classified in the form of motors,

(1) Capacitive asynchronous motor

(2) Shaded pole motor

(3) Series motor

(4) DC motor

(5) Permanent magnet motor and other forms.

3、 Price of hand dryer

The ordinary heating wire type hand dryers in our market have large heating capacity, but the wind speed is very low. According to different products and brands, the price is generally between 100-300. The one-sided jet type hand dryer is a mid-range product. The heating wire is made of PTC. Because the material has a fire protection function, the blowing out is still very large, so it is called a high-speed motor, and the price is generally between 300-1000. The double-sided jet hand dryer is a relatively advanced product, which is three-dimensional. It has a high performance price ratio, strong wind power, and low energy consumption. The price will also be correspondingly high, probably between 1600-2600. If it is imported, the price will be higher.

4、 Hand dryer purchase

1. When purchasing, you should decide which hand dryer to buy according to your needs and environment.

Each type of hand dryer has its own characteristics. For PTC hand dryer, as the ambient temperature changes, the PTC heating power also changes. In winter, the PTC heating power increases, and the temperature rise of the hand dryer blowing warm air also increases. The electric wire type hand dryer is simple, practical and has a long service life.

According to their needs, consumers can choose the air volume type hand dryer with wind as the main heat, or the hot air type hand dryer with heat as the main heat.

When selecting electromagnetic induction hand dryers, it should be noted that such hand dryers are easily affected by the environment and objects. When selecting infrared induction hand dryers, attention should be paid to the fact that infrared induction hand dryers are also vulnerable to light interference. When selecting and purchasing, the machine should be tested and the hand dryers that are not vulnerable to interference should be selected.

2. When purchasing hand dryers, you should pay attention to which type of motor the hand dryer uses.

There are many types of motors for hand dryers, including capacitor asynchronous motors, shaded pole motors, series excited motors, DC motors, and permanent magnet motors. The hand dryers driven by capacitor asynchronous motor, shaded pole motor and DC motor have the advantage of low noise, while the hand dryers driven by series motor and permanent magnet motor have the advantage of large air volume.

3. Consumers can try the hand dryer with low noise, large air volume, hot but not hot.

4. When choosing hand dryers, consumers can go to formal shopping malls to buy hand dryers from large companies and well-known brands.



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