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123rd Canton Fair:AIKE Hand Dryer Opportunity Shared Worldwide

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In the spring of April, the 123rd China Import and Export Fair (2018 Canton Fair) officially closed on April 19th. The Canton Fair has established trade relations with more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and for the exhibitors to seek global customers provides a great opportunity of business communication, which is called "global supermarket."


As a professional hand dryer brand, AIKE has been exhibiting at the Canton Fair for many years and is the designated supplier of hand dryers for the Canton Fair venue. In this spring Canton Fair, due to the large flow of people in the exhibition and the high frequency of use of public toilets, exhibition planners were selected among many brands, from product to brand to after-sales considerations, and finally chose to cooperate with AIKE, which is equipped with AIKE hand dryers in public toilet. We provided 370 hand dryers for the exhibition to solve the problem of dry hands under large flow of people.


During the exhibition, AIKE hand dryer attracted many foreign visitors and dealers and all praised AIKE hand dryers, not only it is practical and efficient, but also the appearance elegant. Moreover, focusing on the needs and preferences of foreign markets, AIKE has designed hand dryers of various styles. Except to the use functional, it can also build a public hygiene environment with fashionable and clean, which is giving people a pleasing use experience.

Canton Fair 20182

AIKE has been committed to the production of efficient and professional hand dryers for many years, independent research and development of production of permanent magnet brushless DC motor, high speed, stable operation, to achieve 7-10 seconds of dry effect. Meanwhile, brushless motors have longer lifetime, many old customers are still in use after 6-8 years, AIKE hand dryers were well received. It is gratifying that Avalco, an old customer from Chile, also participated in the Canton Fair and brought us a special gift: ‘an honor’. It describes: “Our company recognizes you as important business partner. We hope to continue working together, united by a better and cleaner world”. Moreover, for the quality of AIKE hand dryer products, they also said: "AIKE hand dryer did not disappoint us, and hardly appeared the problem of product failure."

Canton Fair 20181

Canton Fair in China's all-round opening to the outside world platform, which not only promotes China's wider opening up and the development of China's open economy, but also provides great convenience for overseas enterprises to explore China's huge consumer market and sell the world, and promotes a more balanced development of China's foreign trade.



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