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A Vibrant "Blue Ocean" Industry: Hand Dryer

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"Blue Oceans"—New markets or innovations devoid of competition that will create new demand.-"Blue Ocean Shift: Beyond Competing"Hand dryer market just reflect the blue ocean feature.


A Less Competitive Market

Hand Dryer Market is more than $1,350 million by 2020 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of more than 13.0% over the forecast period. Europe and North America lead with more than 3/5 share owing to high living standards and increased health concerns. However, the population of Europe and North America is just one-sixth of the world. There is huge market waiting for development.

With high living standards and high efficient life style, these are being increasingly installed at public restrooms, educational institutes, shopping malls, food processing and service industry, hotels, hospital and clinics, commercial complexes, and office buildings. Food processing and service industry etc., Especially Asia-Pacific and LAMEA. In particular, Asia-Pacific region would show promising growth owing to notable demand from the countries such as China, India, Japan, and South Korea among others.

Global Hand Dryer Market

It is worth noting that professional hand dryer industry participants in the world include AIKE and others are only a dozen suppliers now.


Hand Dryer vs Paper Towel

Comparison between hand dryer and paper towel have been discuss for a long time. Put aside those controversial factors, hand dryer is just an innovative way to drying hands. Compared with paper towel, hand dryer dry hands by air instead of by contacting to absorb moisture. Thus, it reduce the bacteria by contact, more comfortable and hygienic.

The cost maybe most concerned by people.We can just calculate it. Take AIKE hand dryer AK2901 and Amazon paper towel as an example, when the heat on, the output is about 1400W (It's only 550W when heat off).

Drying way

Hand Dryer(Heat on)

Hand Dryer(Heat off)

Paper Towel

Fixed cost








Drying time







1 Sheet





People per day


Cost per day




Cost 1st year




Cost 2th year




From the chart, we can see the hand dryer has an absolute advantage on coat. What's more, using hand dryer instead of paper towel reduce the operation expenditure, too. 

Recently years, environment problem are getting more and more attention. The demands for eco-friendly devices which facilitate power and paper saving is raising.

Hand dryer just solve these problem by high efficient dry and reducing the use of paper towel. And hand dryer produce almost no garbage rather than a lot of waste paper. Trees from paper saving also benefit environment to a large extent.

Based on sales figures from the latest "Report On Sanitary Supply Distributor Sales" by Sanitary Maintenance and ISSA, hand dryers only account for nearly $17.5 million compared to $8 billion of towels and tissue. Despite hand dryer market have many problem and challenge to face, and the old ways of dying hands is against a new ways continuously, but the advantages of hand dryer are absolute, people will choose an advantageous way for themselves. A market with potential and good for humanity is waiting for your development.



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