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AIKE AK2805 Series hand dryer, Small body, Big technology

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    Small body, big technology, fashion items in the bathroom.

     High-speed hand dryer ≠ Body Bulky,

     Small body ≠ Small air volume.

AIKE Colored Stainless Steel Series hand dryer, Dry hand power is not lower than traditional hand dryer, Make the bathroom fashionable, Hand dryer is no longer a cumbersome display in the bathroom, Practical and stylish.

Stunning new look, The washroom has new fashion.

AK2805 is available in four colors, Polished, brushed, gold, black, Other colors we also support customization, Find the right match for any style of bathroom decor. 304 stainless steel is strong and wear-resistant,More refined than ordinary ABS materials, The unique gloss of the material is gorgeous and fashionable, adding a touch of color and vitality to the dull bathroom.


AK2805 Series is a unique and innovative model in AIKE hand dryers, small volume (153*162*280mm), Light weight (3.2kg), Less than the size of a sheet of A4 paper, Less than 40% of conventional hand dryers, Takes up less space, Alleviate space congestion,Innovative cylindrical design, Break tradition, More technological sense.


       Technical support Practical is the last word

       After years of technical accumulation, More than 18 months of R & D and testing, AK2805 is unique in appearance, Also has efficient power. Tailor-made micro motors, Volume reduction, power Undiminished, AK2805 large air volume, Squeezed through a circular air outlet,  32 liters of air reaches the hand vertically, Dry your hands quickly.


      AK2805 is not slack in details, Compact internal structure, Multiple Noise Reduction Technology, Lock firmly to reduce noise, 40% lower than similar products, More suitable for light sound needs in public places. Air outlet with activated carbon composite filter, Blocking dust, bacteria, and clean wind make dry hands in public places more hygienic.

     Combination of hand dryer and soap dispenser

      Washing your hands with running water is not enough, Use soap dispenser and hand dryer, Better cleaning results. In industries requiring high cleanliness, Soap dispensers and hand dryers have become essential appliances. It not only complies with the cleaning requirements advocated by the toilet revolution for many years, but also shows the excellent service letter image of public places and enterprises.


The combination of the AK2805 hand dryer and AK1205 soap dispenser will be the manifestation of the 1.0 era of AIKE wash and dry combination. It is small, exquisite, convenient and durable, helping to create a practical washroom. The appearance of the two products has the same effect, and the styles are consistent to enhance the visual beauty.

    Dry hand nearby, this is what the future looks like.

     The changes in electrical appliances in recent years have shown a trend of lighter and smarter development, AIKE also keeps up with market demand in the creation of hand dryers, Ensure functional efficiency and reduce energy consumption, At the same time, the appearance of the product was changed, so that the bulky hand dryer was developed in the direction of lighter.

      AK2805 is compactcan be installed near the sink. in a bathroom the number of hand dryers and faucets is aligned. The AK2805 can be matched with other models to achieve dry hands nearby without water drops, greatly reducing manual cleaning and maintenance costs.

The AK2805 series , makes a big counterattack with a small figure, adapts to new markets, expresses new ideas, and combines practicality with new ideas to help create more convenient and chic public toilets.

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