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AIKE Highlights The Advantages Of Advanced Hand Dryers In The ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2018

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AIKE team set out for Amsterdam on May 15, 2018 and participated in the four-day worldwide cleaning industry exhibition at the RAI International Exhibition Center to show the world the strength of AIKE.

The Amsterdam INTERCLEAN exhibition, which originated in 1967 and has a history of nearly 50 years. The organizer is ISSA Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. It is the most famous professional exhibition in the cleaning industry and has won the attention of many countries and the cleaning industry for many years. Moreover, cleanliness is an important factor in measuring the experience and quality of life in public places. In general, developed countries pay more attention to cleanliness than developing countries. For example, the penetration rate of hand dryers is as high as 98% in Europe and the United States. Hand dryers in hotels and restaurants, transportation hubs, production workshops, and city public toilets are essential facilities to provide the public's maintenance of place hygiene at the same time.


In the international market, cleanliness is an industry that is valued, and there is ample room for development in cleantech, as is the hand dryer industry. For any dealers or visitors involved in the hand dryer industry, this exhibition is always worth attending and significant. AIKE hand dryer conform to certify globally for use in food preparation environments (NSF) and has been acquired SGS certification in the cleaning industry and we are members of the ISSA Association for 5 years. More importantly, the number of transactions made by AIKE and customers was very impressive and became the focus of the customer during the four days of the show. Furthermore, AIKE took products with international aesthetic characteristics (like AK2030, AK2901, and AK2632) were visited by many visitors and gave the AIKE booth a lively and effective atmosphere.


Some features of AIKE hand dryer as follow, use AIKE hand dryer reduces the waste of paper towels, avoids the waste paper to affecting the environment; people do not need queue due to high efficiently, reduces the water in the bathroom area, and helps the bathroom to be clean and beautiful. Not only that, AIKE also pays attention to the improvement of the cleanliness. The brushless motor has no carbon rod abrasion and avoids internal toner deposition. The HEPA filter can remove harmful substances above 0.2 microns. The product shell adopts ABS antibacterial material or 304 medical stainless steel, which made hand dryers easy maintenances and cleanliness.


The use of hand dryers for one year is equivalent to saving two trees. AIKE successfully concluded to Amsterdam ISSA/INTERCLEAN. In addition to demonstrating our strength, also realized the development results of the international cleaning industry. we believed that cleaning industry related to social image and human experience can be better developed in the future.



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