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AIKE New Design products: Compact Size Low-priced and Delicate high-speed hand dryer AK2803K

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Recently, the professional AIKE hand dryer company has developed a new product: AK2803K small ABS high-speed hand dryer, the initial research and development is to provide customers with an economical high-speed hand dryer, and a small durable hand dryers complement the market, enriching the diverse choices of customers and users.


The AK2803 small high-speed hand dryer has the following features: high-strength ABS material, wear-resistant. Easy maintenance, wipe with a damp cloth. The outlet has distinctive features and novel style. The compact design is ideal for small toilets with limited space. It can be directly combined with the surrounding environment and can be plugged directly or through hard-wired installation. It is easy to install and fits perfectly to the wall after installation. In addition, the product's simple white and silver can be used with most styles of bathroom.

Application Place

Moreover, the AK2803K has a series of technical features: Firstly, the product is equipped with a touch-free, stable and durable infrared sensor to prevent induction failure. Secondly, the 25000RPM high-speed motor has a long life and only takes 10 to 15 seconds to dry. Thirdly, intelligent warm air technology, hot air / cold air automatically adjust, when the ambient temperature is lower than 25 degrees Celsius, intelligent heating out of the warm air, when the ambient temperature is higher than 25 degrees Celsius, it will automatically turn off the heating function. Fourthly, low-power high-speed hand dryers, saving energy and saving energy, will help customers save labor costs and thousands of dollars of tissue paper each year. Fifthly, the AK2803K small high-speed hand dryer has overcurrent, overload protection and timeout protection.


Compared with the AK2803A small stainless steel high-speed hand dryer, the AK2803K belongs to AIKE's current lowest-priced high-speed hand dryer, giving customers more choice, forming price gradients with other types of products, and promoting sales.



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