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AIKE New Products: Fragrance Hand Dryer, Give You a Different Experience

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Good News, AK2805-6 series fragrance hand dryer has been successfully developed and sales on the market. AIKE fragrance hand dryer is a hand dryer that adds fragrance function to the AK2805 series. The whole body shell uses 304 color stainless steel, rich colors and durable; the shape of shell is diversification, including AK2805-6, AK2806-6, AK2807-6; the core spices have four types of choice, which is fragrant beads, perfume, dried flowers and balm; the consumption rate of spice is 0.5g/h perfume, 2.5g/h balm.

Fragrance Hand Dryer2

The body is a hand dryer, the upper part is a fragrance machine, world - first by AIKE, the perfect combination of hand dryer and fragrance function, and it has applied for a number of patent protection. In addition, without destroying the whole appearance, the combination of two appliances requires only one power outlet, thus saves costs. Due to the integrated design of the fragrance machine and the hand dryer, installation structure is eliminated, so the internal consumables have sufficient space. For example, liquid spice can hold 300 ml and solid spice can hold 350 ml. Moreover, the fragrance machine distribution lemon fragrant beads, health and environmental protection, disassemble can be used and each package can be used for one month. There are over 8 kinds of fragrances to choose from, including lemon, lavender, jasmine, rose, vanilla, ocean, cologne, and Chanel.

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Fragrance hand dryer continued the characteristics of AK2805 series, small and high efficiency, motor takes carbon brush motor, dry hand time within 10 to 15 seconds, intelligent temperature control system can maintain the temperature within 20 to 40 degrees. Most important working principle is that the independent small fan blows air into the fragrance machine, then air is heated by the PTC to accelerate the volatilization of the spice, and spreads the fragrance from the air outlet faster, wider, more evenly, thus diffuses fragrance in the installation space. Overall, AIKE welcome new and old customers visit to our websites.



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