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AIKE: Professional Hand Dryer Manufacturers for 24 Years

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Hand dryers as emerging products in the cleaning industry, nowadays, a large amount of dealers have joined the blue ocean industry. There are many hand dryer suppliers on the market: AIKE, KINGWE, MODUN, TOTO, Worlddryer, etc. How to choose the right hand dryer supplier is a big problem for dealers. However, in fact, the decision-making only needs to understand the three elements of the supplier's factory. First, Does it has own factory? If has, How is the scale and strength? Second, How is the factory's production capacity? Is there a perfect product line? Third, How are factory safety and product quality issues? Is there a product quality certification?

Zhejiang AIKE Appliances Co., Ltd is a professional hand dryer company in the R&D, manufacture and sales for over 24 years. AIKE has the world's largest hand dryer production factory, with an area of over 36,000 square meters standard modern factory in Taizhou and Hangzhou. The strong production capabilities, perfect product line and OEM/ODM service of AIKE hand dryer factory have attracted a large number of dealers to cooperate with it. Moreover, all parts are independently developed by AIKE. According to 2017 company data statistics, the production capacity of factory was about 23,000 units a month, with more than 150 skilled workers. AIKE has excellent supply capacity, customer orders can able to the production and delivery on time, will not cause the situation that production cannot keep up with orders. In addition, the total sales of AIKE Hand dryers are about 250,000 units in 2017.

product line

AIKE's efficient supply capacity and work efficiency are inseparable from the perfect product line, from parts production to parts inspection, to assembly, to semi-finished product inspection, to product assembly, to product testing. The quality and quantity of the skilled workers are focused on each step, strictly in accordance with the quality management system processing and a series of quality assurance inspection procedures, which ensure the quality of the AIKE hand dryer is fully guaranteed, and approved by UL, cUL, FCC, CE, RoHS, CB, CCC, GS etc certification.

Overall, AIKE is committed to offering our customers the highest level of service, customer care and quality of product. We understand the hand dryer industry deeply, and hope to communicate with dealers or peers, according to the characteristics of the company to make product customization services, create and sustain positive long term mutual benefits relationship with our dealers, to work together in a clean, green, environmentally friendly and modern bathroom.



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