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AIKE: Professional OEM/ODM Hand Dryer Manufacturers And Distributors In The Cleaning Industry

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With the increasing conditions of toilet facilities in today's world, the cleaning industry has become one of the most important industries in the world. Zhejiang AIKE Appliances Co., Ltd is a professional hand dryer company in the R&D, manufacture and sales for over 24 years. AIKE has strong R&D capabilities and production capabilities, professional technical team, perfect service system (pre-sales and after-sales service), and the world's largest hand dryer production base, with an area of over 36,000 square meters standard modern factory in Taizhou and Hangzhou. AIKE has excellent supply capacity, according to 2017 company data statistics, the production capacity of factory was about 23,000 units a month, with more than 150 skilled workers. Customer orders can able to the production and delivery on time, will not cause the situation that production cannot keep up with orders. In addition, the total sales of AIKE Hand dryers are about 250,000 units in 2017.

AIKE hand dryer factory

AIKE strong comprehensive strength allows us to provide professional OEM/ODM services for customers. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is also known as “contract production”. Its essence is that distributors (brand owners) commission AIKE for product development and manufacturing, use the brand of dealer company and sale by dealers. The dealer's advantages of sales channels and brand with AIKE's manufacturing advantages constitute the product's overall competitive advantage, bringing practical benefits to both parties.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) refers to after AIKE hand dryer products designed, under certain circumstances, it may be chose by dealers or peers, is required to equipped brand by the dealer or peer company for production, or slightly modify the product design to produce. Many European dealers or peers have chosen to cooperate with AIKE for stable and long-term benefits. Actual case such as many British customers have chosen the model of AK2800 and cooperated with AIKE for ODM. AIKE is responsible for producing and affixing the customer's logo. only the volume of AK2800 reached 50000 last year. French customers prefer the AK2030 airblade double-sided hand dryer and AK2631 high-speed hand dryer, and cooperate with AIKE for ODM, which will enable manufacturers of dealer or peer to reduce time and cost of their own R&D and production, and bring practical benefits to both parties. Moreover, Spanish customers like the production capacity of AIKE factory and prefer the AK2900 series of new hand dryers and AK2805 small fashion hand dryers. Cooperated with AIKE for ODM to ensure inventory and products were well received by consumers in the local market, then the customer company's reputation has greatly increased.

OEMODM Manufacturer

AIKE hand dryer company pursues strong collaboration, we understand the hand dryer industry deeply, and hope to communicate with dealers or peers, according to the characteristics of the company to make product customization services. Moreover, AIKE’s vision is to create and sustain positive long term mutual benefits relationship with our dealers and customers by providing the latest innovative products, powerful production and service supports in a constantly changing environment and market, to work together in a clean, green, environmentally friendly and modern bathroom.



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