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AIKE Take You To Explore The Oldest Hand Dryer In The World

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It is considered to be the oldest hand dryer in the world was found in the hamlet, Suffolk on the banks of the River Orwell in the UK. From the figure shows that the hand dryer is very old, the shape of a square stone, which can blow out air from it and can still be used effectively so far.

Oldest hand dryer

Although it has an old style, but no one is willing to stuck a monolith stone to the wall taking up the toilet space. Small stainless steel hand dryer AK2805 can solve the toilet space troubles for you, with modern design, high air speed, low noise, low energy consumption and other functions of environmental protection products is the best choice for small toilets, AK2805 is available in 5 color options, while AIKE hand dryer company provides OEM/ODM services to meet all customer customization requirements.



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