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AIKE hand dryer is committed to creating an efficient green dry hand experience

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After washing your hands in the bathroom of a mall or office building,Which method do you choose?

There may be two options at this time: The first is the traditional hand dryer, but have you encountered problems such as "too slow to dry", "too high temperature", "incomplete to dry" or even "machine does not work".The second is toilet paper, which is fast and convenient, but it greatly increases the cost of use, resulting in waste of resources and no environmental protection.

The World Green Organization has conducted in-depth investigations, A mall with a moderate traffic flow consumes 15,000 paper towels per day.

During the investigation, we also found a major problem:

Most people think that paper towels can be recycled, but in fact paper towels are not recyclable.According to survey data,To make 1 ton of paper towels, 17 trees need to be cut down and pollute 90,000 liters of water.In other words, the consumption of 15,000 paper towels per day is equivalent to cutting down millions of trees and polluting a lot of water resources in a year.

In view of this, the World Green Organization encourages citizens to use more energy-efficient hand dryers.Use less paper towels, cut down trees, reduce water use, reduce pollution and solid waste, and make the world green.


The launch of AIKE hand dryer effectively solves the above two problems.

AIKE hand dryer can dry hands quickly in 7-10 seconds, which is efficient and fast, and saves 67% energy compared to traditional hand dryer.

Due to the higher energy consumption and longer drying time of traditional hand dryers, the average annual use cost of a hand dryer is around $214, while the annual use cost of a paper towel is even higher, on average around $571. In contrast, Ike hand dryer only needs 0.003 kWh to dry one hand, and the annual use cost is only about $57.

AIKE mission is to solve everyday hand hygiene problems with new thinking.Meet the harmonious development of products, people and the environment.The application and development of low-carbon technology is that AIKE hand dryers have reduced carbon emissions by 72% compared to traditional hand dryers, and only 1/12 of the carbon emissions of paper towels.AIKE has been focusing on dry hands for 27 years and is committed to creating an efficient green dry hands experience.



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