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AK2630-K Compact High Speed Jet Hand Dryer

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AK2630-K is a high speed jet hand dryer from AIKE. Up to 105 m/s airflow-it's one of the fastest hand dryer of AIKE- come out from the long strip outlet and dry hands on all your hands in high air speed, enable fast dry within 8-12s. Rugged ABS polycarbonate construction can stand up to extensive use and everyday wear and tear, adapt to various working environments. With its compact body and top drying efficiency, it has been widely used in food processing industry and healthcare premises in the past few years, such as restaurant and dental clinics.


AK2630-K equipped with sensitive sensing probe that senses ambient temperature and provides relatively comfortable airflow. Based on this function, we set two working modes to meet diverse needs: Intelligent heating mode and energy saving mode. Simply press the button to switch the working mode.

 AK2630-K application

We have carefully engineered every details for a perfect drying. Under the intelligent heating mode, it will come out with heated air flow when ambient temperature is below 25. Otherwise normal air flow. 20- 40 is the most comfortable air temperature which has been tested - will not hurt child's hands.


Under the energy saving mode, it will only be normal air flow. The power of the whole machine is 550 watt, save almost 60% of electricity per drying. AK2630-K is now available on Amazon US, buy it now.



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