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Automatic soap dispenser in our life

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For people who rely on their hands for everything, washing hands has become a life habit, and even some people regard it as the pursuit of life. I believe many friends know that the sensor soap dispenser is a convenient device for storing hand sanitizer and detergent. This soap dispenser is not only used in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom. So what exactly is this product like? How do we use it correctly? Now let me introduce the knowledge of smart soap dispenser.


What is a smart soap dispenser?

The advancement of science and technology has nothing more than to free people from heavy physical labor, use wisdom to change people's lifestyle and consumption patterns, and use creativity to make life more comfortable. Now there are sensor soap dispensers even for hand washing. You only need to stretch out your hands and the soap will be applied to your hands. No need to touch the container, all rely on intelligent induction. Squeezing liquid soap has become a thing of the past, and what greets people is a more convenient and comfortable life enjoyment.


How does the smart soap dispenser work?

You only need to reach under the nozzle and a certain amount of hand sanitizer will automatically flow out. This is actually based on the principle of a human body sensing device. The signal generated by the sensor with lens and pyroelectric tube is amplified by the electronic circuit to drive the internal DC motor to rotate, push the switch piston, and squeeze out the soap.


The advantages of sensor soap dispenser

First, people now pay more attention to health and hygiene issues. The smart sensor soap dispenser squeezes out the soap liquid more healthily and eliminates the possibility of cross-infection, which is more in line with the pursuit of people in the new century.

Second, the sensory soap dispenser belongs to the high-tech design category. It is controlled by a microcomputer and is more like a small family robot, adding technological elements to life.

Third, liquid can be added regularly at any time, easy to disassemble, easy to operate, and easier to maintain later.

Fourth, it is convenient for children to use, let them wash their hands diligently, keep their hands clean, and be a hygienic baby.



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