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Canton Fair, Aike Hand Dryer Become Star Products

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The 120th China Import and Export Fair (hereafter referred to as Canton Fair) opened in Guangzhou Pazhou Pavilion, gathering many excellent domestic and international brands on Oct. 10th, 2016.


As a 23 years professional hand dryer brand, Aike has participated in Canton Fair for many years and has been a designated supplier from 2015 to 2017, provided 370 hand dryers for Pazhou Pavilion’s toilets. On the Canton Fair, Aike brought the 2016 new products, mini stainless steel hand dryer series. It showed on booth: 10. 1 I01-02, attracting lots of visitors.


Mini stainless steel hand dryer series is a result of 2 years highly research and development by the development team of 35 engineers. They created a series of more compact size hand dryers without impacting dryers’ performance. This breakout let hand dryer does not be an awkward toilet hand drying tool but be colorful and flexible. Colorful 304 stainless steel case, 3 outer design, 5 colors has provided more choices for toilets.


If you think the outer design is the only advantage of mini series, you are wrong a lot. Yes, the volume is only 40% of regular model, less than a A4 paper, but the efficiency is not being influenced. One of the key technologies—The thickness of precise motor is only 10 cm which costs Aike a lot of manpower and resources to design especially for mini hand dryer. 30L high-speed air jet from dia. 27mm outlet, hands like windshield wipers only need 10 seconds to dry up.


This series outlet is a bit different from before, which adopts round outlet make airflow more concentrated but lowers 30% noises, sounds more gentle.


Taking care of wet hands will generate bacteria, Aike assemblies a high efficient HEPA filter inner the new product, AK2900 and AK2901, effectively filter out 99.9% air bacteria of toilet, allowing a cleaner, more hygienic air, more healthy hands drying environment for users.


Streamlining appearance, strong inside, from design to taste, and full of science and technology, cause Aike hand dryer became popular star products.




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