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Comparison: High Speed Hand Dryer VS Ordinary Hand Dryer

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In some eyes, the machine that dry hands in the bathroom can be called " hand dryer".  But it is not true, not only the price difference between the high speed hand dryer and ordinary hand dryer, but also the performance has a huge difference. The ordinary hand dryer only 30 dollars can buy one on the market, while the high speed hand dryer will need hundreds of dollars.


With the plethora of options available on the market, it would seem reasonable to option for the cheapest hand dryer. However, the usage rate has been low due to ordinary hand dryer is slow, noisy and ineffectual etc, become an ornament in toilets. Recent surveys have conclusively shown that when high speed hand dryers are introduced to toilets, the rate of use far exceeds that of either hand towels or the ordinary hand dryers. The concept of high speed hand dryer originated in Japan's Mitsubishi, China's first high speed hand dryer was launched by AIKE independently developed in 2006, to fill the gaps in China's hand dryer industry. Different from the ordinary hand dryer is using high temperature and low speed wind to drying hands, high speed hand dryer is the use of high-speed airflow drying hands, more rapid hygiene and the energy consumption is just 1/10 of the ordinary hand dryer.


7-10 Seconds VS 40-50 Seconds


The technical principle of ordinary hand dryer is simple, the use of high temperature and low speed wind to drying hands, it usually takes 40-50 seconds. For high speed hand dryer, powerful motor inside can make high speed airflow, 7-10 seconds without residual water, even in a public toilet with a large flow of people, and do not need to queuing.


10 Years Service Life VS 1-2 Years Service Life


The service life of the ordinary hand dryer is 1-2 years, not durable. High speed hand dryer service life mainly depends on the motor, the permanent magnet brushless DC motor by AIKE independently developed is not only strong but also greatly extend the high speed hand dryer service life, 8-10 years work life, can be used repeatedly and frequently, which fully able to deal with high-intensity toilet work.


Intelligent Temperature Control VS High Temperature Heating


Ordinary hand dryers blindly increase the temperature to dry hands and ignore the comfort. AIKE new technology automatically adjust the temperature according to the ambient temperature, the ambient temperature is above 25 degrees, automatically turn off the heating device, 25 degrees below, automatically heated air. Put the air temperature control the most comfortable body temperature of 20 to 40 degrees, warm in winter and cool in summer.


Hygiene VS Bacteria Breeding


Science shows that hot and humid are breeding grounds for bacteria, and some news or medias have reported that after use ordinary hand dryers blow, hands more dirty. AIKE high speed hand dryer body with anti-mildew ABS material, built-in double HEPA efficient filter can easily filter over 0.2 microns viruses and harmful substances, 12 hours automatic cycle to open UV purification, the whole machine clean. AIKE unique quadruple clean filtration technology, to ensure that the hands to reach are the most clean air and will not cause secondly pollution of the hands.



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