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Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Guarding the front line of hand hygiene, AIKE is with you.

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The critical moment of epidemic prevention has come. As an ordinary person, we cannot reach the front line, but as long as we do small things such as wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, and not getting together, we will do our best to protect ourselves at the critical moment.

Compared to masks, which are hard to find, "washing hands frequently" is simpler and more convenient. So did you wash right?

How important is washing your hands!

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is menacing, a set of data tells you how important it is to wash your hands! According to a study by the University of Colorado Boulder, a pair of unwashed hands has about 800,000 bacteria.

Is it enough to wash my hands well? NO ! wet hands are more likely to breed bacteria, which is more than 90% more bacteria than dry hands. AIKE has been thinking about how to dry hands efficiently and hygienically after washing them.

Scientific hand washing and dry hands, AIKE has new tricks.

AIKE Air Tap series, choose a zero-touch method to solve the various challenges people face in the field of hand washing and dry hands.

Washing your hands frequently Too troublesome

The AIKE Air Tap makes it easy to wash and dry your hands. Technology double faucet design, the Below is an automatic sensor faucet, no need to touch ; the top is a high-speed hand drying air Tap, automatically blow dry your hands,Full only takes 30 seconds.(Reminder: Rinse under running water for more than 20 seconds), Give you a pair of clean hands.


Cross infection / secondary infection

Compared with the risk of cross-infection existing in traditional faucets repeatedly switching on and off, the Air Tap uses precise sensors to control water flow / airflow, from hand washing to dry hands, in one go, without any contact in the whole process, effectively avoiding cross infection.

We carefully consider the control of bacterial contact transmission, Natural air is double-purified by a coarse filter and a HEPA filter (HEPA filter effectively filters bacteria and fine particles in the air stream, letting us dry our hands with clean wind), Compressed into a high-speed air stream, it only takes 7 seconds to wipe off the water on your hand.

Note that it is dry like a wiper, dry and no residue, not high temperature drying, high temperature and humid environment is more likely to breed bacteria.




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