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Create Green Efficient Hand Drying Experience

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Which way you will choose to dry your hands when you have washed you hands after going to bathroom in shopping malls or office buildings? There may be two choices. One is the traditional hand dryer, which usually encounter problems like drying slow, too long, high temperature and unthorough hand drying. Another is towels. Using towels is quick and convenient but greatly increase the cost of public facilities, resulting in waste of resources, and not environment-friendly.

World Green Organization did a further investigation and founded that 15000 towels will be used per day in a high- traffic department store. During the research, they found a big mistake that most people think that paper is recyclable, but not actually. An international survey showed that 17 trees shall be cut and 90000L water will be polluted to produce 1 ton tissues. In other words, using 15000 towels every day means cutting down millions of trees and polluting a large number water one year. So World Green Organization encourages public to use high efficient hand dryer, reduce towels using, trees cutting, water cost and pollutions to create a green world.

Aike hand dryer has solved these two problems which dries hands in 7~10 seconds. Highly efficient and fast. Up to 67% more energy efficient than conventional warm air hand dryer. As the conventional warm air hand dryer consumes more energy and long drying time, it costs around 1500 yuan on average per year, while towels cost more, around 4000 yuan. In contrast, Aike hand dryer only need 0.003 KWH and the annual cost is about 400 yuan.

Aike is on a mission to solve daily hand hygiene problems to meet a harmonious development of products, people and environment. Compared to traditional warm air hand dryer, Aike dryer reduce 72% carbon emissions and only 1/12 carbon emissions of towels. Aike focused on hand dryer 23 years and try to create a high efficient hand drying experience.



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