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Does the bathroom should use toilet paper or hand dryer?

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For a long time, The debate over whether you should wipe your hands with toilet paper after using the bathroom or use a high-speed hand dryer has not stopped, Especially bacteria spread in public toilets, Studies have shown that there are thousands of bacteria in the bathroom floor and other surfaces,

When using flush, It will spray atomized excrement to a height of about 4.6 meters, and bacteria will spread to 60% of the bathroom surface within 2 to 4 hours.

Washing hands is the first step in removing harmful bacteria before leaving the bathroom, However, there is uncertainty in dry hands, and incorrect handling can easily recontaminate the removed bacteria.

The process of hand washing can allow bacteria to fully detach from the skin and remain on the top layer of the skin, Because when using a paper towel to wipe your hands, bacteria on wet hands are effectively transferred to the paper towel. The reason is that the friction generated by mechanical friction is sufficient to remove bacteria from the skin surface.


Although high-speed hand dryer seems more convenient, But in fact, it can blow a lot of bacteria in the bathroom space to all corners, including to freshly washed hands, After drying your hands, the surface of your hands may be dirtier than before washing.

but in fact, High-speed hand dryer companies have long been aware of this problem, For example, high-speed hand dryer enterprises such as Dyson, AIKE, Panasonic are equipped with HEPA high-efficiency filters in high-speed hand dryers.


HEPA high-efficiency filter can filter harmful bacteria of 0.1 and 0.3 microns to a degree of 99.7%, It is the most effective filtering medium for pollutants such as smoke, dust and bacteria. Exactly suitable for public toilets.

In consideration of cost, hand dryers are undoubtedly more advantageous. The production of paper towels requires a large amount of wood and energy, and the transportation also requires higher costs. The use of paper towels only brings considerable economic costs and management pressure to managers.

The high-speed hand dryer does not generate waste and has less long-term costs. High-speed hand dryers equipped with HEPA high-efficiency filters are priced from USD50 to USD200 and have a service life of 7 to 10 years, There is no need to replenish daily as frequently as paper towels, and the cost savings can be considerable.




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