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Global Handwashing Day—To Create A Better Healthy Life

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"Global handwashing day" is initiated by the international well-known health promotion organization PPPHW, aimed to improve people’s health conditions in the world and establish good hygiene habits and culture on a global scale. The campaign calls on countries around the world to wash their hands with soap on October 15 every year.


In daily life, we think that washing hand with just water can keep hands clean, but actually not. Normal washing can remove only about 18 percent of the bacteria in the hands according to scientific research, there will still be lots of bacteria residue. Only proper use of soap or hand sanitizer can effectively remove germs and keep hands clean.So the automatic soap dispenser and hand sanitizer become more and more necessary for washing hand.


Last but not least, how to dry hand is an important thing to make sure what you do more effective for washing hand. Traditionally using paper towels will not only remain scraps on you hand but also make dust, moreover it wastes lots of resources. Obviously no touch makes less bacteria, so hand dryer is a revolutionary way to dry hands, but gradually people found that the warm air dryers maybe too hot and lead to cross-infection of bacteria, and thus high speed hand dryer came into being. It can dry hand comfortably and more hygienic in seconds, saving energy and environment friendly. In a word, high speed hand dryers dry hands efficiently considering of hygiene and environment.


On Global Handwashing Day, AIKE advocate people to wash hands and dry hands in more hygienic and efficient ways, and protect our environment together!




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