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Hand Dryer Purchasing Guide - Pay attention to these 5 points

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Hand Dryer Purchasing Guide - Pay attention to these 5 points

In recent years, with the improvement of the quality of life, hand dryers have become a must-have item in quality bathrooms. The hand-drying habit has slowly begun to change, from the initial Spin-dry and wiping to the hand-dryer, which is more environmentally friendly, hygienic and more efficient.

In order to help consumers purchase the right hand dryer, take less detours. Today, we will talk about the purchase of hand dryers, and interested partners may wish to take a look.

First, try to purchase professional brand products

Not only depends on the price, but also on product reputation and brand strength. The hand dryer is a product with a relatively high technical threshold. Professional brands have stronger R & D strength, more sufficient R & D investment, and more guarantee for product performance and quality. These companies pay attention to their long-term planning and word-of-mouth effects, and often take care of details and services. Many small brands do not have their own factories, no technology accumulation, and no industrial chain. They have relied on OEM for a long time and their product quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone do not be misled by the price when purchasing, and try to choose a professional brand with years of technical accumulation.

Second, look at the type purchase hand dryer

With the continuous improvement of hand dryer technology, the appearance of hand dryers has become more diverse. We commonly have wall-mounted, upright, stainless steel hand dryers on the market. Wall-mounted is more common in places such as catering and entertainment, and the price is relatively close to the people, which meets the needs of daily dry hands. The upright appearance has a more atmospheric appearance and is more intelligent in function. Some also have a built-in HEPA high-efficiency filter, which is suitable for occasions with high cleaning requirements. It is recommended to purchase the upright in public areas with high traffic. Stainless steel hand dryer has always been a favorite of European and American markets. From the perspective of durability and hygiene, the stainless steel series is a good choice. 

Third, the good performance of the motor is guaranteed

The high-quality motor not only has stronger wind output, better hand-drying effect, but also has a longer service life and lower sound during operation. A good hand dryer motor is the key. Strong wind and durability can make users more comfortable. In this regard, AIKE hand dryers do a better job. Many years of motor R & D experience tailor-made brushless motors for high-speed hand dryers, which greatly improves the performance of hand dryers and can achieve 7-10 fast hand drying. And more durable than ordinary hand dryers, 8-10 years of worry-free use.

Fourth, the filter is cleaner

Only the hand dryer with built-in filter can clean it!Some low-priced hand dryers do not have a filter, and they cannot filter the bacteria and viruses in the air in the bathroom. The inhaled dirty air is blown directly to the hands, and the hands are blown dirty.The built-in air filter is the basic cleanliness of hand dryers. Brands with higher quality requirements will choose HEPA high-efficiency filters (filters in air purifiers), For example, AIKE's Multiple Clean ™ technology can capture up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from the air in the bathroom, ensuring that hands reach clean air.

Five, the amount of noise affects the experience

The hand dryer itself is a high-power electric appliance. Its working principle is mainly to use aerodynamics to generate high-speed wind to dry your hands. The high-speed wind is generated by the eddy current fan driven by the motor. There is sound during operation, which is normal.With the development of high-speed hand dryer technology, multiple noise reductions make the hand dryer sound softer. If you have special requirements for noise, then check the noise standard of the product when purchasing. Generally, the noise is lower than 75dB. During operation, the noise is small and will not affect daily life.



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