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Hand dryer Evolution - AIKE air tap brings new experience

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The current market environment can clean up some players who are not serious. As the big brother in the hand industry, AIKE represents the latest hand dryer technology . From the original double-sided high speed hand dryer to the mini high speed hand dryerThe newly launched colorful stainless steel hand dryers last year are Good choiceAIKE continues to innovate to advance the hand dryer industry. At the Shanghai Kitchen & Bathroom exhibition at the end of May, AIKE lived up to expectations and brought new surprises.


The new concept Air tap series is a faucet is hand dryer,  It's a disruptive experience.

Conventional hand dryers need to move to dry hands after washing hands. Water drops on the ground cause the ground to be slippery.  After 5 years of R & D and testing, AIKE has worked together with designers and engineersto perfectly combine AIKE dry hand technology with faucets. Fully automatic induction zero-touch operation, from washing hands to drying hands, in one go. As a high-end innovative product, Air tap solves the distance between hand washing and dry hands, and the ground does not touch a drop of water, Technology sense appearance Upgrade bathroom, for Star Hotel Club, High-end businesses such as VIP rooms in large airports bring quality solutions.

From the response of the exhibition, Market and industry commented highly on this series of products, “Black technology”, “Creative”, “Make an impression”, “Smart and convenient” is A few words that appear frequently. The official listing of the hand dryer air tap will bring new impetus to the bathroom industry and smart electrical industry.




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