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Hand in Hand "World Toilet Day" To Create Toilet Civilization

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"World Toilet Day" was proposed by World Toilet Organization in 2001, its establishment highlights the environmental sanitation crisis that the poor faced and aims to promote the healthy drinking water and basic sanitation infrastructure to ensure everyone can enjoy a clean, comfortable and health environment. The event, named “World Toilet Day” has been held on November 19 every year, aiming to improve the world's environmental sanitation problems with the efforts by people all over the world.


In recent years, China has vigorously promoted the “toilet revolution”. By the end of 2017, the country has newly renovated more than 70,000 public toilets. AIKE, as the biggest hand dryer manufacturer in China, had played an important role in toilet revolution of China, also refresh the standards of public toilets in China. We assisted the National Tourism Administration with our professional hand dryer services for many tourist attractions. We also focused on world’s toilet environment problems and were positive to provide dry solutions for people after washing. Solving the toilet environment problem is a long term work. It is believed that the worldwide toilet hygiene can be improved continuously with our joint efforts.


Hand dryers are extremely usage rate in Europe and the North American, but not high usage rate in developing countries, because of years of disrepair, not working, drying for a long time, and other reasons. The hand dryer became the standard for public toilets by the "toilet revolution", and AIKE hand dryer drying time within 7 seconds without waiting. Moreover, the core dry hand technology of AIKE hand dryer is brushless DC motor not only improves the superior performance of the hand dryer but also greatly prolongs the service life. No fear of large volume environment, even if the high frequency is used repeatedly, the service life can be as long as 8-10 years.


AIKE ensures that the cleanest air is reached at the hand even in the environment where the public toilets are crowded. The air inlet filter can easily keep small particles and dust out of the door; HEPA high-efficiency filter can filter 99.95% bacteria and virus in the air; UV ultraviolet sterilization 12 hours automatic cycle start, machine purification, body Then use antibacterial mildew ABS. Four clean, layered filtration, comparable to the air purifier purification effect. 


80% of the disease is spread through contact, and wet hands are more likely to breed bacteria. AIKE has always been committed to making the dry hand easier and healthier, and has been highly recognized by all walks of life at home and abroad. AIKE hand dryers have been deployed in more than 110 countries and regions around the world, and are tested by millions of users around the world.




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