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How AIKE Hand Dryers Help Facility Management in Public Transport Places?

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Public transport places has two characteristics:

1. A high flow of passenger traffic

2. Offers service all year round


Inefficient hand dryers or sensor failure can create a bad impression on passengers. AIKE's brushless motor hand dryer (AK2030) is ideal for the restroom of public transport places. 24,000RPM/min brings strong wind which help dry hands in 7-10 seconds. The brushless motor is more stable than the universal Brush Motor. It will not produce a shock in the case of sudden change of load. So it is durable and strong, and there's no problem with high frequency use.


Hand dryer sensor technology is used in AIKE hand dryers, which is sensitive and can reset the sensing distance automatically. This sensor has high sensitivity, short response time and good stabilization. In this way, a excellent motor and smart sensing technology ensure the hand dryers can be used for a long time in the Public transport places.


Restroom with a large stream of people faces two problems:

1.Floor cleaning

2.A waste of paper towel


Using AIKE hand dryers help reduce the need for maintenance and improve restroom hygiene. During the rush hour, an airport sends 100,000 passengers a day. And if half of them use the restroom, 50,000 sheets of paper towels will be used to dry hands at least. Calculated on the basis of 30,000 sheets of paper per day, 10.95 million sheets of paper towels per year, this is on the low end of the projection only.


The AIKE is the only hand dryer in the industry with a dry time of 7 seconds. And it uses 80 percent less energy than conventional hand dryers. It represents a 95-percent cost savings when compared to paper towels, eliminating their labor, maintenance and waste.


That's why many public transport places choose AIKE hand dryer. AIKE hand dryers will provide services to more public transport places in the future, contribute to reducing paper towels waste and protecting the environment.



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