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How To Maintain The Stainless Steel Hand Dryer Effectively?

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The stainless steel hand dryer not only provides a durable shell, but also looks very attractive and meets the fashion accessory of the toilet perfectly. However, all stainless steel hand dryers tend to discolor over time without proper maintenance. For example: dirt, accumulation of dust and other reasons.


The method of cleaning the stainless steel hand dryer is as follows. Firstly, the power of the stainless steel hand dryer should always be turned off during cleaning or maintenance of the hand dryer. Moreover, cleaning products containing strong acids and alkalis in the toilet should not be spilled on stainless steel hand dryers, and bleach or other hypochlorite solutions should not be used around shell surfaces or used directly. Finally, wash the stainless steel shell with soapy water or mild detergent, then dry it with a soft cloth, and maintain the cleaning for a long time so that the stainless steel hand dryer looks like a new one.


Expect for the cleanliness and maintenance of the outside of the stainless steel hand dryer, the inside also needs maintenance. For example: check and replace the HEPA filter every six months. Because HEPA filters can block bacteria and dust, but these bacteria or dust can accumulate on the filter, which can damage the hand dryer and block air flow. Moreover, when the hand dryer is not heating, check and replace the heating element because the connection between the heating element and the dryer’s circuit board may come loose, meaning that no power is being sent to the heater.

HEPA Filter

A good maintenance operation will help the stainless steel hand dryer in its groove.



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