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Invitation from Aike Hand Dryer Exhibition on the World’s Largest Trade Show-ISSA/INTERCLEAN Las Vegas 2017

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AIKE, as an professional hand dryer manufacturer, focus on manufacturing High Speed Hand Dryers and providing hand dryer solutions for customers all over the world, actively displaying AIKE to the world by many channels, such as exhibitions, E-commerce platforms and social media. We aim to delivering high quality hand dryer solutions to more customers and more eco-friendly way to drying hands.

Zhejiang AIKE Appliance Co., Ltd, will attend the  ISSA/INTERCLEAN Show Las Vegas 2017. Our popular Hand Dryer Series including Dual Jet Hand Dryers, Stainless Steel Hand Dryers, elegant ABS Hand Dryers and latest achievement colorful SS MINI Hand Dryers will be displayed at site.

Introduction of Our Exhibition

Although it is not the first time that AIKE attend the ISSA/INTERCLEAN, I would like to introduce the exhibition again. ISSA/INTERCLEAN is the world's largest trade show for the cleaning and maintenance industry, and AIKE hand dryer will be exhibited on Booth No.3273  in Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA. in Sept.12-14, 2017.

Displayed Products

AIKE will display hand dryers including:

Dual Jet Series:  AK2006HAK2030AK2070

   Features: HEPA Filter, Brushless Motor, Intelligent LED display, Double Jets to dry both sides of hand

Stainless Steel Series: AK2901AK2903

   Features: 304 Stainless Steel shell, built-in HEPA Filter, Lower Noise

ABS elegant series: AK2630, AK2630T, AK2631, AK2632

   Features: ABS shell, High-Speed Wind, Adjustable Sensing Distance

MINI Colorful SS Series: AK2805, AK2806, AK2807

  Features: Colorful Stainless Steel Shell, Compact Size, Strong Airflow and Low Noise, Dynamic Display of power indicator

Automatic Soap Dispenser :AK1205

  Features: Automatic infrared sensor, Adjustable Sensor Distance, 304 Stainless Steel

Hot sales products such as dual jet hand dryers, 304 stainless steel hand dryer, ABS hand dryer, HEPA fliter hand dryer, UV light hand dryer will be included. AIKE hand dryer is all electric automatic sensor hand dryer including infrared sensor hand dryer and diffuse reflection hand dryer.Our independent R&D colorful stainless steel mini hand dryers deserve your special attentions. So, we think you can find satisfied hand dryers here if you visit us on the exhibition. 


AIKE hope to see you on  ISSA/INTERCLEAN Show Las Vegas 2017.We welcome OEM&ODM hand dryer ideas.You will find a pleasant surprise there!




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