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May You Prefer Jet Hand Dryer?

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High speed hand dryer can be sorted by the outlet into jet (dual outlet) hand dryer and single outlet hand dryer. Jet hand dryers’ high price make some customers take it out of their consideration, while it still popular for its excellent performance.

The drying time will be the most directly standard of hand dryers. Jet hand dryers have absolute advantage because of its dual jet drying both sides of hand at the same time regularly in 7-10 s.Think about you are in the hall, how much time it will save to dry hand hygienically by using a hand dryer.What’s more, AIKE jet hand dryers are manufactured with air speed switch to suit for more environment and requirement.

Hand dryer dry time

For high speed hand dryer, the motor will be the main parts of it. A motor mostly determine the lifetime of a hand dryer, jet hand dryer regularly equip DC brushless motor to ensure powerful air and long life span which is 6 times more than universal motor . What’s more, brushless motor is famous for its stable performance, no wear or dust, and high efficient make it save 20%-60% energy than universal motor.

Brushless motor just like the heart of hand dryers while the PCB may be the brain which drive the motor, because PCB determine if the hand dryer can run normally. AIKE always won’t despair you on product technology, AIKE assemble jet hand dryer PCB which its elements come from famous supplier such as ST Microelectronics, VISHAY and Rubycon to ensure the quality. Furthermore, AIKE improve his PCB stabilize in process of constantly serving his customer.

Secure can’t be ignore at any time, especially in AIKE. Multi-protection system is applied on AIKE had dryer, including overcurrent protection, overtime protection, overheat protection. HEPA may be a standard of air filter nowadays, it filter 99% bacteria in air. However, some sounds disagree HEPA can make hand dryer more hygienic instead of increasing germ in bathroom. Well, think about the air condition in your room and car. If there is some faults on HEPA, I think that’s we don’t clean and replace them regularly. Maybe you think it’s still not hygiene enough. Don’t worry, UV light can be built in (Such as AK2030) to meet your further request.

How do you choose hand dryer

AIKE never stay at the basic standard of hand dryer technology. No mention the elegant design, the intelligent temperature system will be an unique function different from other hand dryers: the heater automatically on when surrounding temperature below 25and off when it above 25. It make people dry their hands in a comfortable temperature. Maybe some customers want their hand dryers always blow hot air, then you can just remove the temperature sensor by following the technical manual.

Jet hand dryer popular for its advantage as well as single outlet hand dryer. Price or performance, how do you balance them? 



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