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Something of Cautions about Dual Jet Hand Dryers

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Deeply understand cautions will help you to install and use the unit easily. Firstly is safe cautions, before using dual jet hand dryers, AIKE heartily reminds that improper use may result in personal injury accidents.


Some ways is prohibited as follows,

(1)    Do not open the unit front panel, otherwise it may cause electric shock risk.

(2)    Do not let children hanging on the unit, otherwise the unit may be risk of falling.

(3)    Do not use in places where water is directly splashed or in places where it is prone to freezing, otherwise it may cause electric shock and unit malfunction.

(4)    Do not splash water in unit, otherwise it may cause electric shock risk.

(5)    Do not reform and perform unnecessary disassembling, otherwise it may cause fire, electric shock and injury accidents.

Please follow with instructions to use:

(1)    Power must be turn off during maintenance, otherwise it may cause electric shock risk.

(2)    Please use AC power, If the rated voltage exceeds 10%, the unit will malfunction. It may cause fire, electric shock and unit malfunction if an incorrect power source is used.

(3)    Use fixed lines, If used in combination with other appliances, it may cause abnormal heat in the shunt outlet and cause fire.

(4)    Drain tank and air filter must be installed before using unit, It may cause leakage or electric shock accidents if water enters the unit.

(5)    If the unit is not working work or have abnormal conditions, please cut off the power to prevent accidents; and also to turn off the leakage circuit breaker, and then contact the supplier to check or maintenance, otherwise it may result in fire accidents due to electric shock, leakage, and short circuit.

(6)    It must have a reliable grounding wire, otherwise it may cause electric shock risk when the unit malfunctions or leakage.

Warning as follows:

(1)    The packaging film can easily cause choking in the baby. Please handle it properly.

(2)    Leakage circuit breaker must be installed, otherwise it may cause electric shock risk.

(3)    If the cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or professional to avoid risk.

(4)    Children or disabled persons please use this machine with the guidance or assistance of guardians.


Hand dryer installation Instruction

Secondly, precautions before installation as follows:

(1)    Do not install the product (power cord) with power on.

(2)    When installing the unit, it must be select a suitable place and install it by a professional, otherwise there is a risk of injury due to falling of the unit.

(3)    Wear gloves when installing, you may be injured if you do not wear gloves.

(4)    Before installation, please make sure that the power supply provided is in accordance with the specifications of the device.

(5)    Install a leakage breaker in the process of installing the hand dryer.

(6)   Do not install in the following types of locationLocations where the temperature can exceed -10℃ or 40℃; Locations where the unit may come into direct contact with water; Locations where the unit is under direct or strong sunlight; Locations where easy to condensation; Locations where corrosive, neutral or reductive gases are present; Locations where sea level lower than 0m or higher than 2000m; Otherwise this may cause malfunction.



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