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The Contrastive Analysis Of Famous Brand Of Hand Dryer

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According to hand dryer market research, hand dryer shell material mostly divided into plastic or stainless steel, shell material not only determines the hand dry appearance, unqualified material may become the hidden danger of fire. Good plastic hand dryer usually adopt ABS antibacterial plastic, which effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria. Stainless steel hand dryer usually takes 304 stainless steel, more durable. Moreover, hand dryer air speed between 65m/s and 95m/s is the most suitable air speed, soft and hands will not pain. And the heating function is to maintain the hand comfort usually air temperature between 25-40 degrees. In the fast dry hands at the same time, there will be no burns. Furthermore, the installation of hand dryers is divided into wall mounted and standing. Wall mounted hand dryer can effectively save the bathroom space, and beautiful and simple. Standing hand dryer provide s convenience for disabled people, so they can use the hand dryer easily.



Both made from top grade 304 stainless steel and designed for high volume toilets. The Xlerator is nice, but is it worth almost four times the price of AIKE? Our superb hand dryers do the same job, cost less to run and are far quieter in operation. Compared with Xlerator manual adjustment temperature control system, AIKE new technology automatically adjust the temperature according to the ambient temperature, the ambient temperature is above 25 degrees, automatically turn off the heating device, 25 degrees below, automatically heated air. Put the air temperature control the most comfortable body temperature of 25 to 40 degrees, warm in winter and cool in summer.



Moreover, As a testament to the ongoing investment within the hand dryer industry, AIKE has developed the concept with AK2900 hand dryer, embracing all the benefits of Dyson hand dryer, and have high quality exterior. AK2900 offers the added benefit of being extremely quiet, noise level just 68.5Db@1m. The Dyson Air Bade may have started the hands-in dryer revolution – but AIKE, only have a quarter of the price of Dyson hand dryer, it is worth.


Due to a lot of small hand dryer manufacturer hand dryers inferior materials manufacturing, occurrence of shell deformation used continuously for a long time, there are serious hidden dangers of fire. So now many dealers no longer choose ultra-low price hand dryer, hand dryer reliability and cost-effective become an important factor in their purchasing. Reliability is superb, but equally reliable hand dryers, dealers have to pay 3 to 4 times the hand dryer price, for no real benefit.



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