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The Reason of Industry to Transition from Traditional Paper Towel to the Hand Dryer?

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Nowadays, the conditions of toilet facilities on the market are increasingly high, and people's awareness of environmental protection is constantly increasing. Paper towels can not meet the needs of modern toilets anymore. In addition to the continuous replenishment of paper towels have huge impact on the ecological environment, maintenance problems inside are a headache for facility managers. Due to the huge consumption of paper towels, usually one-fifth of paper towel dispensers are empty in the bathroom. Moreover, paper towels tend to fill the trash can very quickly, and then may be scattered on the floor, which not only provides the possibility of bacterial growth, but also gives people the intuitive impression that is not clean and disorganized.


By replacing paper towels with hand dryers, people do not need to worry about the missing of paper towels and disorganized environment in toilets, thus making the toilets look cleaner, helping to improve overall appearance, and reducing the need for maintenance costs. Now the motor life of some high speed hand dryers have two to three times longer than old hand dryers, which may mean 10 to 15 years of worry-free service and cleaner toilets.

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The product life cycle can easily see that the paper towel industry has experienced a trend from growth to maturity, to stabilization, and finally to recession, and has begun to decline. The hand dryer industry is currently in the mature stage, close to the stable period, the market will be getting better in the future. Due to this market situation, many cleaning products or sanitary companies have transformed into hand dryer companies, or they are looking for partners to sell hand dryers to replace paper towels.

Product life cycle

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