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Triumphant Return! AIKE Hand Dryer Amazing 2019 Spring Canton Fair

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The 125th China Import and Export Fair (referred to as: Canton Fair) closed on May 5th, 2019. The Canton Fair has established trade relations with more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and for the exhibitors to seek global customers provides a great opportunity of business communication, which is called "global supermarket."


In recent years, China sanitary ware enterprises have gradually appeared in the Canton Fair! As a leader in the field of hand hygiene, AIKE is eye-catching in the exhibition. No matter the halls or products, it has become a beautiful landscape of the exhibition. The visitors are full of enthusiasm, and the international interpretation of the charm of Chinese manufacturing.


Founded in 1992, AIKE has been a professional hand dryer brand and has been exhibiting for many years in the Canton Fair. It is also the designated supplier of hand dryers for the Canton Fair venues, providing high-quality hand purification solutions for global users with technological innovation. High vouchers and high efficiency are highly recognized by the market. Independent research and development of high-performance low-noise motors, dry hands "experts" in small spaces, color stainless steel mini series, air taps etc. A series of innovative technology has attracted many domestic and foreign professionals to stop by.


AIKE has always adhered to the mission of“Technology makes life better” and is committed to creating efficient, healthy and green hands-on experience for consumers. Whether its appearance or function, AIKE hopes to reduce the daily burden for people and provide more convenient products!


AIKE's marketing has covered more than 110 countries and regions around the world, and has formed strategic partnerships with customers in developed countries such as Europe, America, Australia and the Middle East, and has maintained long-term cooperative relationships with many international high-end sanitary ware brands. Twenty-seven years of time, AIKE is focusing on the field of dry hands. In order to break the barriers to international technical standards, AIKE created an independent R&D and manufacturing center and an international standard testing center. It implements product inspection standards that are stricter than the US CUPC and German DIN, and has passed several international quality certifications. Mastering 43 core patent technologies, this has made AIKE a wide-ranging and technically deep hand dryer brand.


Through continuous industrial upgrading, reform and optimization, AIKE has achieved full coverage from raw materials, design and manufacturing by virtue of its industry-wide chain production and management advantages in the industry, and bravely competes with the international market with hard power to become a world brand. One-stop quality manufacturers, in the future, AIKE will always adhere to technological innovation, and strive to achieve new changes in hand dryers, and promote the comprehensive development of the industry!



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