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What can't be ignored at this stage? have you got it?

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     How dangerous is our hand in the public environment?

   ClinicalInfectious Diseaseshas proved that the virus in the environment has a certain infectivity. The study sampled common respiratory viruses at the airport, and tested positive on luggage trays, payment buttons, handrails, and playground children's toys. Domestic scientific research teams including Academician Zhong Nanshan also successively found traces of New Coronavirus in the stool, urine and door handles of patients. It can be speculated that coronavirus (COVID-19) may also be transmitted indirectly through the environment.

When working in the office, people will be in a public environment for a long time. Unlike the family environment, hand washing in public toilets is not a simple problem.


As we all know, public toilets are the worst-hit areas for bacteria. Everyone's behaviors are different, and their hands are just the main carrier of bacterial viruses. When washing hands in public places, all netizens are also full of tricks, press the hand sanitizer with their wrists, and switch the faucet with their elbows ...

In this epidemic, AIKE put forward the "handwashing revolution", which performed brilliantly. AIKE's handwashing revolution coincides with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He states on his website that proper hand hygiene is not just about washing hands. Dry hands are especially important because wet hands are more likely to spread bacteria than dry hands.

      AIKE has always advocated the dual protection of hand washing and dry hands. The purpose of hand washing is to clean themselves, while the purpose of dry hands is to reduce the spread of bacterial viruses and cross infection.

     AIKE's "Handwashing Revolution" solves all the hidden dangers of people in the field of handwashing in a touch-free manner throughout the process,  giving you a pair of clean hands in 30 seconds.

Wash hands

     The traditional press-type soap dispensers in public toilets have lagged behind. No matter the special period of the epidemic, there is also a risk of serious bacterial cross-infection even in normal times. AIKE intelligent sensor soap dispenser, just stretch your hand, 0.5 seconds to accurately detect the liquid / foam, After rubbing, use the automatic sensor faucet to rinse directly. It is safer to wash hands without touching.


Dry hands

        Is it enough to just avoid touch? Not all hand dryers are hygienic enough.

The authoritative testing agency has confirmed that MERV16 or H12 and above and HEPA filter with antibacterial coating can remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in the air.

        Just touchless is not enough.

        The speed of dry hands is directly proportional to the willingness of people to dry hands. Drying for too long are the direct reason that most people give up dry hands. AIKE hand dryer achieves the above two points, not only the built-in HEPA high-efficiency filter, but also the hand drying time is controlled at about 7 seconds, no need to line up, go with the dry.



According to research, 75% alcohol can kill the coronavirus. At this time, an automatic alcohol sprayer is needed, touchless operation, zero-residue disinfection in 3-5 seconds, guarantee of hand hygiene.


      Even after the coronavirus (COVID-19) has passed, the problem of hand washing cannot be ignored, and various respiratory infectious diseases such as influenza, hand, foot and mouth disease have long appeared in life. With this outbreak, it is the long-term plan to develop a correct and scientific hand-washing habit.

AIKE's "Handwashing Revolution" starts with hand washing and starts with dry hands.



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