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World Health Day: AIKE With You Focused Together On Hand Hygiene

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World Health Day is on April 7th each year. Its purpose is to raise awareness of hygiene and health issues among people of the world, promote and popularize health knowledge, and improve people's quality and knowledge in the health field.


According to scientific researches, 80% of all infectious diseases are carried by hands. So, in order to protect themselves and people from contamination, we need to wash our hands frequently to keep our hands clean. Moreover, wet hands spread the bacteria more easily than dry hands because the residual moisture with pathogenic, easily spread, and a breeding ground for bacteria, rather than on dry skin. Therefore, the use of hand dryers after people wash their hands is the best solution to health protection.


Many independent studies of AIKE confirmed that hand dryer industry experienced the old era of slow, inefficient and dirty. Automatic high-speed hand dryers have gradually become more hygienic in daily life. Mainly focused on the removal of heating elements (heating and cooling of the elements can increase bacterial growth), improving the drying effect, use of ABS antibacterial plastic, HEPA efficient filter (Modern HEPA filter capture 99.9% of bacteria from the air used to dry hands), temperature control system and internal UV sterilization and other measures. Undoubtedly, all of these improvements have improved the hygiene of hand dryers. For example, the AK2070 high-speed hand dryer, equipped with a modern appearance, HEPA high-efficiency filter, non-touch infrared and other functions, to avoid cross-infection. It is a good solution with efficient, environmentally friendly and hygienic hand dryer.


On World Health Day, AIKE sparkplug the promotion and popularization of hand cleaning knowledge, improves people's awareness in the field of hygiene, and use healthier and more efficient hand dryers to care for hand hygiene.



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