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World premiere ! AIKE New Design hand dryer AK7171 kitchen air tap

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AIKE, change your kitchen life

Recently, a professional AIKE hand dryer company developed a new product: the world's first- AK7171 home kitchen air tap. The initial research and development was to provide a new kitchen experience, durable kitchen air tap to complement the market, bring New concept of "dry kitchen".

AK7171 home kitchen air tap has the following functions: the use of 304 stainless steel material cover in the faucet, the use of ABS plastic material cover in the body, stable and durable. Same size as ordinary faucet, easy to install, just remove the original faucet and replace it, it is compatible with almost all domestic sinks. In addition, the product's simple appearance makes it suitable for most styles of kitchen.

AIKE kitchen air tap, to help you solve the following problems:

When cooking meat in the kitchen,They use paper towels to absorb the water from the meat.Neither sanitary nor environmentally friendly,In the long run, paper towels are also a considerable expense.


When you are washing the apples,Previously, I could only choose to eat it directly or wipe it dry.Bacteria in paper towels or water are also consumed together.In the long run, it may have an impact on health.


When using the kitchen,Washing food and hands may accidentally wet countertops and floors, disrupting the rhythm of the kitchen.


Now you need to directly use the AIKE kitchen air tap, which can quickly dry the water, and the built-in double filter is more healthy and sanitary, and changes your kitchen life.

Moreover , AK7171 has a series of technical features:

First, the product has a touch switch, overtime protection, and a power failure memory function.

Secondly, four kinds of wind speeds can be adjusted, up to 82 m / s, drying only takes 10 to 15 seconds, dried fruits only takes 3 seconds, and can also be used for dry meat, tableware, hands, etc.

Third, intelligent warm air technology, hot air / cold air can be adjusted automatically, or it can be set to forced heating mode.

Fourth, the built-in dual filter (HEPA + filter) to maintain health and sanitation and prevent 99.9 % bacteria in the air.

Fifth, the 360-degree rotating faucet can be easily adjusted, and the hidden host can easily save space and add new power to the kitchen.

AIKE AK7171 belongs to world's first kitchen air tap. Designed for home kitchens, Instead of paper towels, Healthy, environmentally friendly and practical, Created new possibilities for the kitchen,

Raised the kitchen grade. In the hand dryer industry, AIKE has always been at the forefront of the industry.With the most complete air tap technology available,Air tap products are a must-have in the industry in the future. In the era of intelligence, you should have it !



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