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  • 2018-12-04

    Join Us and Become a partner with China’s Largest Hand Dryer Company

    As a professional high speed hand dryer manufacturer for more than 24 years, AIKE has strong capacity in new products researching and developing, our products are designed and used our own brushless motor, and we supply good after-service for customers. We have our own factory to manufacture hand dryer, which area of 36,000m².

  • 2018-11-17

    Hand in Hand "World Toilet Day" To Create Toilet Civilization

    "World Toilet Day" was proposed by World Toilet Organization in 2001, its establishment highlights the environmental sanitation crisis that the poor faced and aims to promote the healthy drinking water and basic sanitation infrastructure to ensure everyone can enjoy a clean, comfortable and health e

  • 2018-07-30

    Which soap dispenser is suitable for public restroom?

    Usually if the design choice is made when a public washroom is almost ready, facility managers tend to select wall mounted automatic soap dispenser instead. Moreover, an wall mounted automatic soap dispenser will prevent people from pumping the dispenser more than necessary, therefore cutting wastage.

  • 2018-07-24

    How AIKE Hand Dryers Help Facility Management in Public Transport Places?

    Public transport places has two characteristics: 1. A high flow of passenger traffic2. Offers service all year round Inefficient hand dryers or sensor failure can create a bad impression on passengers. AIKE's brushless motor hand dryer is ideal for the restroom of public transport places.24,000RPM/m

  • 2018-07-17

    Something of Cautions about Dual Jet Hand Dryers

    Deeply understand cautions will help you to install and use the unit easily. Firstly is safe cautions, before using dual jet hand dryers, AIKE heartily reminds that improper use may result in personal injury accidents. Some ways is prohibited as follows, (1) Do not open the unit front panel, othe

  • 2018-06-30

    AIKE: Professional Hand Dryer Manufacturers for 24 Years

    Hand dryers as emerging products in the cleaning industry, nowadays, a large amount of dealers have joined the blue ocean industry. There are many hand dryer suppliers on the market: AIKE, KINGWE, MODUN, TOTO, Worlddryer, etc. How to choose the right hand dryer supplier is a big problem for dealers.

  • 2018-06-22

    AIKE New Products: Fragrance Hand Dryer, Give You a Different Experience

    Good News, AK2805-6 series fragrance hand dryer has been successfully developed and sales on the market. AIKE fragrance hand dryer is a hand dryer that adds fragrance function to the AK2805 series. The whole body shell uses 304 color stainless steel, rich colors and durable;

  • 2018-06-13

    The Reason of Industry to Transition from Traditional Paper Towel to the Hand Dryer?

    Nowadays, the conditions of toilet facilities on the market are increasingly high, and people's awareness of environmental protection is constantly increasing. Paper towels can not meet the needs of modern toilets anymore. In addition to the continuous replenishment of paper towels have huge impact on the ecological environment, maintenance problems inside are a headache for facility managers.

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